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Aircraft Bookings

Warning. This online booking system allows you only to 'request' a booking of the club's aircraft. Bathurst Aero Club reserves the right to cancel or consider null and void any request for aircraft hire.

Also, to fly VH-BAC as pilot in command you must...

  • be a member of Bathurst Aero Club (You can link here to Membership Forms if you need them.)
  • have signed and had accepted the VH-BAC Hire Agreement forms. (You can link here to the Hire Agreements if you need them.)
  • have passed and be current on your flight review
  • have passed an appropriate and up-to-date medical examination
  • meet the currency requirements to fly VH-BAC. (See the Hire Agreement for details)
  • if you plan to carry passengers, you must have done at least 3 take offs and landings within the last 90 days

To request a booking, enter your username and password here, and click 'Login'.

If you experience any problems with this system, or need help, please call Errol Chopping on 041 2218 345.



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